About OBRA

OBRA Incorporated evolved to a "tech non-profit" and has been providing various online platforms dedicated to the cultural development of overseas Filipinos. The organization started as a community-based organization that produces events, films, stage plays and facilitated art workshops to remote communities when it was established on year 2007.

The organization has designed tech-based solutions to achieve social inclusion through cultural awareness on projects such as "Pinoy Store" in year 2019. It provided a way for isolated individuals to ease mental anxieties due to social distancing by establishing “Pinoy Seoul Radio". It also developed "Pinoy California", a mobile app to assist Filipino-American small restaurants to be able to reach nearby customers and enable them work with a minimal workforce, released in April 2020.

A time of crisis brought by Coronavirus pandemic is also an opportunity for OBRA to look into the future, helping people adjust to impending threat and building their capacity to be prepared. Our mission is to assist Filipinos across the world to become more digitally-minded as they embrace technology as part of our lives.

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