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Are you a Filipino looking to find online jobs that you can do while in COVID-19 quarantine?
What if you can provide your services, talents, or skills while at home under the new normal?
Anyone interested to hire you can then avail of the service and pay you for it
– all done remotely.

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How Does This Work?

Create a Raket

Once you create an account, the first thing you can do is to create a raket. Make sure you raket is as captivating as possible. Potential buyers actually read through the services you offer.

Submit Raket

After writing the details of your income-generating talent, press submit so the admin can make sure everything looks good. Approval sometimes are done automatedly and there are rare cases of rejection. Make sure everything looks legit and worth buying before submitting your raket.

Get Orders

Yay! so your raket is now published. Now's the good part, you can now start receiving a ton of views from potential buyers not only from the Philippines but from all over the world as well. Just perform your very best on every single booking. Share your raket on social media as well to attract buyers in your circle.

Deliver Masterpieces

Once you've receive orders, try your very best to satisfy your clients. This is very important to generate returning customers and amazing reviews. Communication is the key. Make sure you always respond with your customers' messages.

Rate Your Buyers

A lot of buyers do check their own ratings. It is important to rate buyers based on their behavior during the booking process. This is important for other artists, and for the admins. Most artists give 5 stars.

Get Paid. On Time.

Get paid on time, every time. After the clearnace period, the payment is transferred to you. Our system lets you transfer funds from our system to PayPal so make sure to link your account. You can withdraw money in the Philippines by linking your PayPal account to your local bank account. 2020 © Freelance Services Marketplace of the Philippines